Emergency Ambulatory Services

Emergency Ambulatory Services

24/7 Support

We have a veterinarian on call 24/7. We prioritise emergencies and are very passionate about providing the best service possible.

All Horses Matter

We believe in the care of all horses. Our policy in 2017 is that we will attend sick horses unvaccinated for Hendra virus. However, if there is no history of vaccination and nothing can be verified by microchip, if the horse is exhibiting any signs that are listed as possible signs of Hendra virus then a Hendra exclusion test must be performed.

This includes inappetance, low grade colic, respiratory symptoms, neurological signs or high temperature. An exclusion test in a sick horse triggers all recommendations of Queensland Health and Safety until the horse is deemed negative. These recommendations include testing, transport of samples to the laboratory and the provision of PPE kits. There is a significant surcharge for this.

The Veterinarian treats the Horse

All treatment will be done by the veterinarian. There may be treatment limitations and no treatment can be left with the horse owner. This is a two hour turn around minimum and so charges reflect this.

We cannot accept the job unfortunately unless time is allowed for all OH&S protocols to be followed.

Where a Horse is sick and Hendra Vaccination is not Current

If the horse is sick and has had some Hendra vaccinations but isn’t current, the treatment and course of action will be decided on by the veterinarian, based on the Hendra vaccination history and the clinical signs.

Where a Horse is sick with current Hendra Vaccination

If the horse is sick and has a current Hendra vaccination status, there are no treatment limitations and just normal gloves and cleanliness apply.

Other Emergencies

For ocular emergencies, stitch ups and other emergencies that don’t have symptoms of Hendra virus then exclusion tests will not be performed.