Emergency Ambulatory Services

We have a veterinarian on call 24/7. We prioritise emergencies and are very passionate about providing the best service possible.

Non-Emergency Services

The following are non-emergency services:

Pre-purchase Examinations

These are conducted according to Equine Vets Australia guidelines.

Digital Radiography

X-rays – portable digital x-rays. Results seen and explained straight away. Yearling repository radiographs can be done.  Competitive Rates.

Routine Consults

Consults for routine non-life threatening problems eg. coughs, foals, skin

Lameness Examinations

Lameness examinations. Ultrasound available for soft tissue assessment and rehabilitation plans. Digital x-rays available for skeletal assessment.

Field Surgery eg. castrations, teeth extractions

Field surgery including castrations, teeth extractions and check ligament surgeries for clubbed feet


Oral examination expertise offered with the benefit of sedation to ensure a thorough examination using a gag. Maintenance dental examinations recommended on a yearly basis.

Very competitive rates when combined with vaccinations.

Reproductive services

Ultrasound examinations offered for pregnancy diagnosis or to put into foal. Frozen cycles not offered.  Only natural or chilled semen cycle set up.

Hendra and other vaccinations

Vaccinations including Hendra virus vaccination. Competitive rates. Can be done in combination with a dental or at the time of another consult if the horse is well to reduce the cost of vaccination


Microchipping. Standard placement of a microchip LHS crest. We use local anaesthetic to place these.